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My mother and I started Westbrook in 2003, and we were fortunate to find a beautiful building for sale nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood. We purchased the building and started with only a handful of children in our Montessori school in Mississauga. Our goal and our vision was to create a caring and nurturing environment for the children enrolled at our Mississauga Daycare. We succeeded in doing so, and in a couple of years, we were at full capacity.

In August 2007, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away shortly after. Dealing with the loss of my mother was the most difficult thing I have had to endure, but I believe that the love she had for what we built, still resonates throughout the Daycare. We have built a family type atmosphere for the children and I know that the parents can feel the warmth and care when they walk through the doors for the first time.

Our Mission Statement is “Seek to Achieve” which is represented on our school crest. We seek to achieve a learning environment conducive to fostering love and respect for one another, as well as the world around us.

Riz Ratanshi B.A. Montessori Certified


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"Time has gone by so quickly with this year being Juliana's last year at Westbrook. She has grown so much from her early beginnings in the toddler class to her final year in the casa program. It is in the final year where we see Juliana has changed the most. Her independent thinking has certainly began to show and will take her to her new beginnings in elementary school. The teachers were great and we appreciate all of their hard work. Much success in future years."

CDRCP - Raising the Bar in Peel

CDRCP - Raising the Bar in Peel

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