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Top 3 Preschools in Mississauga, Ontario as listed by Three Best Rated®

Top 3 Preschools in Mississauga, Ontario

Wonderful News! Westbrook Montessori Academy has been listed as one of the Top 3 Preschools in Mississauga, Ontario by ThreeBestRated.ca.

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We are honoured for being included as one of the Top 3 Preschools in Mississauga, Ontario.

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What Others are Saying About Us...

"Over the past five years, both of our children attended Westbrook Montessori Academy. Our son started out as a shy three-year-old and graduated as a confident, outgoing child eager to enter elementary school. Now in Grade 3, he works independently and solves problems based on the skills taught and practiced at Westbrook. He is also successful with group work, understands the concept of sharing and truly enjoys being in the classroom. 

Our daughter, also an introvert, flourished in an environment where she could appreciate the balance of a structured classroom environment complemented with unstructured play time. The teachers saw her knack of helping others and encouraged her by providing informal mentoring opportunities for her younger classmates. The Montessori experience has definitely prepared her academically as well as socially for her entrance into Grade 1 next year. 

Westbrook Montessori Academy helped lay a foundation for our two children that they will carry throughout their lives. The owner of the school, Riz Ratanshi, and his entire staff truly care about the well-being of the children. They understand how every child is unique in how they learn and the speed with which they process information. The atmosphere is extremely supportive and nurturing while instilling the core concepts of the Montessori philosophy. 

We will truly miss Riz and the teachers now that our children have moved on. We were privileged to be part of the Westbrook community and will always be grateful to the school for the groundwork that it provided for our children. We have and will continue to recommend Westbrook to anyone looking for an enriching experience for their kids. Thank you Westbrook for the wonderful memories."

CDRCP - Raising the Bar in Peel

CDRCP - Raising the Bar in Peel

Westbrook Montessori Academy
7227 Copenhagen Road
Mississauga, Ontario L5N 2C6, Canada
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