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By Sofia Coraines

While public schools can provide an excellent education to some children, they don't take the needs of all children into account. If you want to provide your child with the best possible education, you may want to take a closer look at the Montessori classroom. Montessori schools, which use the teaching methods pioneered by famed educator Maria Montessori, have been proven to lead students to success. 

Montessori Classrooms Are A Calm Environment

Public school can often be quite chaotic. It can be hard for teachers to teach under those circumstances, and it is even harder for children to learn. 

In contrast, Montessori schools work to promote calm. The classrooms rely on natural lighting, and are decorated in soft colors. Classrooms are uncluttered so that children aren't faced with constant distractions. When kids look around the room, they'll see learning materials. All of this will make it easy for them to stay focused. 

Every Child Is Treated Like An Individual

With each passing year, the size of public school classrooms grow larger and larger. Some teachers can barely remember the names of all of their students. 

In the Montessori classroom, there is no risk of a child being lost in the crowd. Every child is treated like their own unique person. In a Montessori class, education isn't designed for the masses. Every child is taught in a way that makes sense to them. Children that go to these schools feel as though their needs are valued. 

Montessori Schools Teach Children Important Skills 

Montessori schools begin at a very young age. Because of this, the children that attend these schools are able to develop some very important skills. 

At Montessori schools, teachers work to hone the concentration and coordination skills of their student. This will prepare them for academic problems in the future. In addition, teachers will work to foster independence in their students. 

Children who go to a Montessori school won't need assistance with every last task. They will learn how to solve problems in their own way. 

Montessori Schools Foster A Love Of Learning 

Even if you send a child to school every day, you can't force them to learn. If you want your child to get a lot out of their time at school, you need to make them feel passionate about learning. 

That is something that Montessori teachers are able to do. Montessori teachers love what they do, and they will work to pass that love onto their students. When a student goes to a Montessori school, they won't just want to learn at school; they will seek out knowledge on their own time. 

Students Are Taught How To Self-Correct 

Public schools spend a lot of time micromanaging the behavior of students. Students are constantly being corrected by their teachers and other school officials. 

When a child goes to a Montessori school, they are taught a more valuable skill. Instead of correcting a child, a child is given the tools they need to self correct. In time, a child will be able to correct their own behavior. Students will learn how to recognize and learn from their own mistakes. 

Students And Parents Are Part Of A Tight-Knit Community 

Montessori schools are small, but that means that the people attending the school are very close. If a child enters a Montessori program, they will be studying alongside the same people and working with the same educators for at least three years. During this time, close relationships will develop. 

One of the things that a Montessori school tries to to is replicate the structure of a family. When a child goes to a Montessori school, they will feel like they are supported no matter where they are. 

A lot of children dread going to school. However, children that go to Montessori schools are usually excited to get to class. They can't wait to see their teachers and their friends. 

The advantages of the Montessori classroom are clear. If you want to give your child the best possible start in life, you should strongly consider enrolling them in a Montessori program. Some of the sharpest students in the country started their education with a Montessori school. Start your child out the same way.

Accepting 2014 Top Choice Award

Accepting 2015 Top Choice Award

What Others are Saying About Us...

"We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to everyone at WMA. Jaritt has had such an amazing experience what a way to start her education! It was not easy to send our first and only child to school but we immediately felt comfortable and quickly felt at home. You know things are good when your child wants to stay for the after school program willingly, and so I've been told lunch was sometimes better than dinner! 

You've helped build the foundation for academic achievement. You should be congratulated for the innovative lessons provided. Jaritt is already reading at a grade 3 level and her math skills are so impressive. Jaritt loved learning about different cultures and really enjoyed the teaching on life cycles. 

The friendships that have been developed, and the love and care provided from everyone at WMA will be more than just memories. They have helped create the person she is today and who she will become in the future. I couldn't be more proud! 

I am sorry that our time at Westbrook Montessori has come to an end-I can't believe she is graduating and grade 1 is only a few months away! 

From the bottom of our hearts thank you everyone for such an amazing experience-you've helped us all grow!"

CDRCP - Raising the Bar in Peel

CDRCP - Raising the Bar in Peel

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